Hormone Education & Resources (H.E.R.) for ALL Women for Life

The Vision


To empower women through in-depth education, revolutionary testing and resources, and leadership regarding their hormones so they can embrace their body, be in control of their health and live fuller lives while setting an example for the generations of women to come.

Hormone Education and Resources for Women for Life (H.E.R.) will provide hormone education and resources for all women regardless of income, insurance coverage, demographics or social status, giving them an equal opportunity to achieve their highest level of health and wellbeing.

The Opportunity

The Problem

Female hormone related issues have become an epidemic and women lack the tools and education to truly understand what is happening with their body; how they can support it, restore balance, maximize health and longevity.

The current solutions provided by the conventional medical system focus on symptomatic suppression instead of identifying root causes and lifestyle factors contributing to dysfunction.  Only women with disposable income can currently afford to seek personalized solutions and alternative therapies because they are not covered by traditional medical insurance.

More and more women are seeking personalized solutions for their hormone problems online, through social media and the current medical system but are left feeling misguided, overwhelmed, uninformed and ultimately dis-empowered about their body.

The Solution

H.E.R. 4 Life leverages an online educational platform to guide women through an exploratory process that deeply examines their personal hormone story. The program is well-equipped with access to at-home functional hormone testing and skilled coaches to guide the participants. Through this, they are provided the options they have to create change in their body, as well as educated on the lifestyle factors that will create change naturally in order to feel their best and live their fullest life.

This virtual model breaks down the barriers of health care and allows women to easily access educational resources, hormone testing and a coaches guidance from the comfort of their own home, amongst their busy day or from anywhere around the world.

As more women become educated and empowered, they will educate and empower others, leading to a future of women who will be able to reclaim their hormone health quicker, or who will have a better chance of living a healthier life from the start.

The Bottom Line

Social Impact

Our goal is to provide easy access to the right lab tests, resources and education on all topics related to wellbeing for every woman regardless of income, insurance coverage, demographics or social status so they can:

  • Gracefully get through menopause or any stage of hormone change
  • Advocate for themselves and collaborate with their health professionals
  • Formulate a lifestyle and health plan that works for their unique body

Ultimately ending women's suffering from hormone issues and encouraging them to live fuller lives so they can be better daughters, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, mothers, partners, teachers, and leaders in the world. A striking change for the generations of women to come can be expected, as well as positively impacting the men in their lives.

Through this movement, the rising costs in healthcare would be greatly reduced and healthier humans would subsequently be produced. As women take back control of their health naturally, they can prevent the advancements of chronic (or even some acute) conditions without the reliance on prescription medications.

This movement begins locally where the organization has been founded and a number of resourceful partners already exist, and our goal is to expand on a global scale.

Taking a mindful break

Company & Team

Jenn Malecha

Jennifer Malecha - Founder

Over 10 years of experience working directly with women in the health and wellness industry.



Board of Directors

A well-rounded group of women and men with over 30 years of collective experience working in the non-profit arena. They actively engage in the promotion of health education and are inspired to create change because they have been personally impacted by the lack of hormone resources available for women.

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